Basic – girls x7
White long sleeve puff blouse (there are 4 spare tiny wee ones)
Black velvet bodice with flower detail
Red/orange/purple or green skirt with petticoat (all joined to make a dress)
Cream wooly winter hat

Basic – boys x3
White long sleeve shirt with rick rack decoration
Green/purple/red lederhosen with braces
Green Austrian hat with feather

Troll (Click here to view full Troll set)
X 10 – all slightly different on earthy colour tones
Long sleeve jersey with padded tummy
Short waist coat
Long baggy jersey patterned trousers
Leather/wool hat, some with horns

Prince x 1
Long sleeve cream chiffon shirt
Antique green tunic with gold detail and studs
Brown leggings
Dark green velvet Robin Hood style hat with feather         
Snow White x 1
Short sleeve white chiffon blouse
Blue “Snow White” bodice
Yellow ballet tutu
Black bob wig with red bow hairband                       

Magical Creatures
X 10 – each a different creature
Badger, Fox, Rabbit, Squirrel, Mouse, Bear
Long sleeve fur body with padded, decorated tummy and head attached
Fur mittens
Glitter wool leggings

Owl, Bluebird, Robin
Same as above minus mittens

Spider body with six legs
Spider head
Black gloves
Black Lycra unitard

Maypole Dancers
Basic costumes plus
Purple sequin apron
Multicoloured flower headband


Finale – Snowbabies
White Snowman body with head
White satin trousers

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